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AL Tooling CC , Engineering Supply Company, is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and specializes in the national supply and service of new and pre-owned machine tools and accessories.

The company was established in 1986 and is family owned and managed. We ensure that your purchase is handled efficiently and that your requirements are well taken care of.


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  • Machine Tools CNC controlled & conventional, new, used:
    For most metal cutting applications such us turning, milling, drilling, gear cutting, threading, thread rolling, forming, grinding , knife grinding, metal pressing.
  • CNC Lathes, 2 to 7 axis, cam automatic lathes:
    Single spindle, swiss typ.
  • CNC Machining centers:
    Vertical, horizontal, and milling machines etc.
  • Spare parts mechanical:
    For all kinds of machine tools, cam automatic lathes and other. Machine spindle bearings, standard, specials and difficult to find. 
  • Spare parts CNC control related:
    PC boards, control boards, servo motors, servo amplifiers, and other.                       
  • Machine accessories:
    Machine spindle tooling ISO, BT, HSK, turret tooling VDI standard, VDI driven, collets, milling chucks, boring heads, boring systems, modular tooling systems, micro boring heads, adjustable, specials to drawing, work holding tools, lathe chucks, power chucks, power collet chucks, indexing chucks, fixtures, special holding devices hydraulic or pneumatic operated, permanent magnetic chucks, for turning, milling, grinding, edm, and other.
  • Precision cutting tools: End mills, drills made from HSS, HSS-Co, Solid Tungsten Carbide, with most up to date coatings, for high performance, indexable carbide tooling, for turning, boring, milling, threading, grooving, and special tools to drawing.
  • Gear cutting tools:
    Gear hobs, spline hobs, timing belt hobs, worm gear hobs, gear shaper cutters, gear milling cutters, gear shaving cutters, broaches, made from material HSSM35, M4, ASP2030, ASP2052 , coatings TiN, TiCN, TiAIN.
  • Tungsten carbide products:
    Wear parts, blades, knifes, rods, bars, dies, bushes, edm plates blocks, profiles, sticks, mining bits, for all kind of industries, specials to drawing, sintered only or machined to size.
  • Precision gauges and measuring instruments:
    Thread gauges, ring gauges, plug gauges, snap gauges, made to standards DIN, ISO, ANSI, BS, and specials.
  • Automation equipment for machining metal:
    Self feed machining units, indexing rotary tables, sliding tables, multi spindle drilling-tapping heads for rotary or inline transfer machines , special purpose machines. Globoidal cam indexing tables for automatic assembly machines rotary or in line.
  • Automatic screw feeder drivers:
    Mobile, stationary, or part of assembly lines rotary or in line for various industry sectors.
  • Automation components, accessories: Grippers, rotary actuators, hydraulic pneumatic manual self-centering vices, custom products.
  • Surface finishing machines:
    Highly cost effective for stainless steel pipes, round, square, shaped, flat bars, plates, sheets, to achieve satin to high gloss finish for small to big batches, and related abrasives, mobile and stationary  models, available to the South African stainless steel processing Industry.
  • Technical wire brush:
    For pipe lines, pipe end cleaning, deburring systems, deburring machines, and other, for industrial production applications.

We believe that our products will benefit you by increasing your productivity and the quality of your products!