Tungsten Carbide Parts

Tungsten Carbide Products for all kind of Industries

Standard or to your Drawings, sintered only or machined
Grades can be selected to suite each specific application
ISO or Factory Standard Grades
  • Wear Parts
  • Industrial Knifes – round, straight, shaped profiles             
  • Plainer Knifes – Extrusion Strips
  • Pelletizer Blades, Granulator blades for Plastic
  • Blades Profiled  
  • Rods – round, square, right angular
  • Blocks – round square right angular
  • EDM – Blanks 
  • Tubes for Bushes
  • Nibs & Bolt Header Dies for Cold Forging
  • Nozzles of various shapes and sizes
  • Sandblast Nozzles
  • Mining Drilling Bits 
  • Coal Mining Bits
  • Road Construction Bits
  • Steel  Rolling Rings
  • Wire Drawing Dies
  • Punch & Die
  • Balls ground & polished 
  • Tungsten Carbide Gear Hobs
  • Indexable Carbide Inserts for Turning-Boring-Milling etc. to Drawing  



Carbide Solutions for most Applications

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Indexable Inserts

Indexable Inserts most shapes

Made to your Drawing/Specification
To Special Prices,
Quantity 200 pcs and more


Bars, right angular, square, special , blades, knives

Mining and Construction Industry